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Why Work with a Penn Mutual Financial Professional?

Some things are too important to leave to chance

When you need professional advice on matters affecting your family, your business, and your personal objectives, turn to a Penn Mutual financial professional. Consider the services you’ll get from one of our financial professionals - services you won’t get from discount houses and Internet banks.

A Penn Mutual financial professional will:

  • Ask questions - take the time to get to know you – to understand where you are now and where you want to be down the road, before making any recommendations.
  • Help you assess your goalsAre they realistic? – and your tolerance for financial risk – How do you feel about market volatility? – in order to gain a better understanding of the kinds of investments that would be right for you.
  • Work with your other advisors – for example, your CPA and attorney – to coordinate future plans with current programs already in place.

But the real value in working with a Penn Mutual financial professional comes after the sale - when changes in your life, your family, or your business necessitate changes in your financial portfolio. Changes such as:

  • Sickness or disability - How can you ensure your investments will continue even if you are temporarily or permanently disabled?
  • Helping children afford college - How can you provide an education for your children without jeopardizing what you’ve worked your lifetime to accumulate?
  • Retirement - You’ve built a sizeable nest egg. Now, how do you shift from accumulating assets to preserving what you’ve accumulated?
  • The sale of a major asset - How do you manage these dollars responsibly, balancing growth and income - maybe even leaving something behind for heirs or a favorite charity?
  • The death of a spouse - How can you reduce – or even eliminate – estate taxes? What kind of assets must be probated and which avoid probate entirely?

When it really matters – when your personal goals, your family, and/or your business are on the line, it’s nice to know that the financial professionals at Penn Mutual are there. To listen. To advise. And to help you make the most of changes that occur in your personal and business situations.

Find a Financial Professional near you to inquire further about Penn Mutual.

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