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Business by the Numbers

It takes a great deal of time and energy to meet the demands of building a successful business. With so much focus on the day-to-day, it's easy to overlook important planning issues that can help ensure long-term success. A financial professional working with your current advisors can help you build solid strategies to protect your business from costly mistakes.


Staying in Business

Will you be one of the 70% of family businesses that don’t survive to a second generation? Or one of the 90% that don't make it to a third generation1? Make sure everything you have worked so hard to build stays intact to pass on.



Planning for Retirement

Are you aware business owners tend to have 45%3 of their assets tied up in their business?  Don’t let liquidity and diversification issues impact your retirement savings.


Keeping Valued Employees

Did you know that it costs 150%–250% of a key employee’s salary to replace them2? Put plans in place to motivate, reward and retain your best employees and keep things running smoothly.



Protecting your Family & Business

Are you one of the 51% of small business owners with no estate plan4? Make sure your business and legacy are protected from your unexpected death and the resulting tax implications.

Do you have a solid plan that addresses the key business planning areas?  Learn how a Penn Mutual professional can work with your advisors to build a plan for success.

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2 Source: Bliss & Associates Inc., Wayne, NJ Consulting Firm, 2012
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