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The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company's approach to variable investing can be simply stated:
To make it easier for you to invest in a diversified portfolio of sound investment choices that will help serve you well today and help you provide a secure future for yourself and your family.

That's why Penn Mutual offers a wide selection of investment options, in partnership with many of today's most highly regarded and experienced investment firms. The resulting family of funds can serve virtually every kind of investor, whatever his or her needs and goals.

The investment options offer you quality choices in every major asset class and category-and provide you with two possible investment paths:

  • Create your own customized portfolio that is both sound and balanced
  • Choose one of the five LifeStyle Asset Allocation Funds, which is a complete and broadly diversified portfolio, consisting of Penn Mutual's underlying investment options.

For more information on a fund solution that may suit your needs and financial plans and help you work toward the rewarding path to sound investing, made easier please see the Penn Mutual Family of Funds below.

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