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Section: Diversified Growth Variable Universal Life

Diversified Growth Variable Universal Life

Diversified Growth Variable Universal Life

Diversified Growth Variable Universal Life (VUL) is a permanent life insurance policy designed to provide you with:

  • Solid insurance protection
  • Potential for strong tax-deferred cash value accumulation
  • A diverse selection of accumulation options
  • Options to customize your policy to your unique needs and situation
  • Flexibility to adjust the policy as your needs and objectives evolve.

Cash Accumulation Options

Diversified Growth VUL gives you several ways to accumulate cash value through separate account investment options. You also have the flexibility to adjust your coverage and your allocations (without tax consequences) as your needs and goals change over time.

Who Might Benefit

Diversified Growth VUL is an attractive option for people who:

  • Have a strong desire for cash value accumulation
  • Are more risk-tolerant
  • Are willing to have less downside protection and guarantees in exchange for greater upside growth potential
  •  Want the flexibility to change their investment choices and account allocations over the course of their lives.

The values of the underlying investment options are not guaranteed and are subject to market fluctuations and may lose value.

Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of a variable insurance product carefully before investing.  Please carefully read the prospectuses for the relevant variable insurance product and its underlying investment options, which contain this and other information about the product.

Contact a Penn Mutual Adviser who can help you determine your needs and choose the right product for you.  All information will remain strictly confidential.

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