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Life Insurance Review

Your life insurance is the center of your financial plan. So it’s important to make sure your life insurance coverage is designed to help you reach your goals and protect your family. Since your life is constantly changing, you need to make sure your financial plan keeps up with those changes. That’s where a Personal Life Insurance Review can help.

What is a Personal Life Insurance Review?

During a Life Insurance Review, you and your financial professional review and evaluate your current situation, discuss your goals and assess your existing protection. Your financial professional will evaluate any policies that you have, and also ask you a few questions about your current circumstances and future plans.

The process will help you and your financial professional determine your needs and objectives, confirm that your existing insurance is on track, and if necessary, develop a plan to help you better achieve your goals.

How Do I Know When I Need a Personal Life Insurance Review?

Everyone can benefit from an annual Life Insurance Review. Just as with an investment, it's important to review your life insurance to make sure it is aligned with your current goals.

In just an hour or two, a complimentary, no-obligation Life Insurance Review can give you:

  • Peace of mind that comes from knowing your life insurance meets your needs
  • Reassurance that your coverage aligns with your goals for the future.

Schedule a Life Insurance Review with an Advisor

To ensure you’re on track with all of your insurance needs, contact a financial professional today.

Contrary to some beliefs, life insurance should not be viewed as a one-time purchase. There are certain life stages and events that heighten the need for a Life Insurance Review, including:

  • Changes in marital status
  • Birth or adoption of a child
  • Employment, career, or income changes
  • Sale or purchase of a home
  • Taking on the care of a parent or relative
  • Planning or nearing retirement
  • Planning for a child’s education or wedding
  • Starting or selling a business.

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