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Section: Joint or Survivorship Life

Joint or Survivorship Life

Survivorship Choice Whole Life is a cost-effective permanent life insurance policy for two individuals that pays a death benefit after the second death. It provides:

  • Guaranteed death benefit protection to age 121 of the younger insured
  • Guaranteed premiums (which means your cost stays the same over the years)
  • Guaranteed cash value accumulation that’s easy to access—at any time, for any reason
  • A diverse selection of built-in and optional benefits so you can customize your policy to meet your own unique needs.

*Survivorship Choice Whole Life is not currently available in CA and NY.

Survivorship Plus Select Indexed Universal Life is a permanent life insurance policy designed to cover two individuals and provides:

  • Cost-effective permanent second-to-die death benefit protection
  • Strong policy cash value accumulation potential
  • Multiple ways to access the policy cash value
  • Built-in enhancements to help maximize cash value accumulation potential

*This product is not offered in NY.

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