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Section: Premier Foundation Indexed Annuities

Premier Foundation Indexed Annuities

Premier Foundation Indexed Annuities Basics

Premier Foundation Indexed Annuities are financial vehicles that offer tax-deferred, market-based growth potential tied to the performance of leading market indices—without the risk of loss due to market performance. There are three Premier Foundation Indexed Annuities to choose from, depending on your time horizon and goals.

These annuities can help to fill retirement income gaps, provide a source of guaranteed, lifetime retirement income or serve as a vehicle for consolidating and safeguarding retirement savings. Each product also offers a choice of two optional living benefits designed to address retirement growth or inflation concerns.

All guarantees are based upon the claim-paying ability of the issuer.

In MA, please note that this product is available in your state, however, the information on this page has not been approved by your state insurance department.

Contact a Penn Mutual Adviser who can help you determine your needs and choose the right product for you.  All information will remain strictly confidential.

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