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Section: Support Solutions

Support Solutions

Underwriting Services

Underwriting Services are a key component of Penn Mutual’s Advisor Value Commitment®. Our underwriting team will always strive to:

  • Deliver unmatched service and responsiveness
  • Achieve a placement ratio above industry standards
  • Make the underwriting process simple and clear for producers and clients
  • Make your life—and the lives of your clients—easier.

 Penn Mutual’s underwriting team is always committed to providing you and your clients with timely and competitive underwriting services on a consistent basis.

An Experienced Group of Financial Professionals

With an average of over 20 years of experience, our underwriters bring knowledge and professionalism to every case. Our seasoned professionals have developed strong, positive relationships with field management and reinsurers to help deliver a collaborative, streamlined approach to this essential process.

Underwriting Capacity to Meet Nearly Every Client's Needs

Penn Mutual has more in-house underwriting capacity than you would expect from an insurance company of our size, including:

  • Competitive Retention Limits – With retention limits of $5 million for standard and preferred businesses up to age 85, Penn Mutual’s underwriters can provide competitive pricing for significant coverage amounts without the need to involve reinsurers.
  • Significant Automatic Binding Authority – Our underwriting team has authority to bind all accepted standard or preferred risks ages 70 and under up to $35 million without reinsurer review.*
  •  Generous Jumbo Limit** – Our generous $65 million jumbo limit provides more opportunity to maximize the use of our auto-bind authority.

* The total of $35 million authority includes $5 million internal retention, with the balance reinsured. Some rate classes are excluded. Not available if the jumbo limit is exceeded.

**Jumbo is defined as the total amount of life insurance in force and applied for all companies.

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