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One Unique Culture

Penn Mutual has always been driven by our desire to create a world of possibilities—one individual, one family and one small business at a time.

At the heart of this desire is our belief that life insurance is the most protective, responsible and rewarding action a person can take.

Our expertise makes it possible for us to align the right solutions and deliver as promised every time, for every client.

How We Do Business

We love what we do—and we love how we do it, as honorable, ethical people unified by shared purpose and values.

These values are a reflection of our identity since our earliest days—and continue to guide us as individuals, teams and a collective whole. Our values are essential to how we do business and how we work together:

  • Acting With Integrity
    We have the conscious intention to do the right thing.
  • Respecting One Another
    We see each other's distinctiveness as a valued asset.
  • Focusing on Relationships
    We foster meaningful connections with others.
  • Sustaining Our Legacy
    We are trusted guardians for what we promise.
  • A Shared Sense of Belonging
    We evoke our place as part of a larger world that we influence and that influences us.

We are an organization driven by deep-rooted beliefs. We have a rich history. And we are people of exceptional character.

We are quite simply, one unique culture.

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